It’s that time again…

…when Peter finds out many of the email, address, IM and phone entries he has in his address book are out of date and puts out a request for folks to send him updated contact details.

Send a vcard or something to the usual email address or leave a comment. Comments are screened for your discretion.

Please don’t do what people did last time and assume I have the correct details because they haven’t changed for a few years. I probably don’t, judging from the amount of email bounces I get.

I’m also assuming most people I know no-longer use IM or you’ve all skipped to another messengers and not told me. Out of a list of hundreds I only ever see 3-4 people online regularly. I can’t believe you’ve all gotten high maintenance social lives in the past few years.

I’m tired of having dud info in my address book so I’m itching for a purge. Anyone who doesn’t send me their current contact details isn’t getting a Chismmas card this year. I mean it.

Something to say?