I’m A Celebrity… Aren’t I?

Tell me; I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here… shouldn’t it actually have celebrities in it? I mean, now that Rotten has gone, who are those other muppets? I know Jenny Bond still does the news but who are the rest? What are they famous for and why haven’t I heard of them? I vaguely remember Peter Andre was famous about ten years ago for his washboard stomach but why does anyone care now? Or was he in the jungle already and they just found him? And Alex Best, she’s only famous for being the trophy wife of famous alcoholic George Best. If she’s there to hide from her abusive husband then she’s not doing a good job, I mean, she’s on the TV… unless he’s sold his to buy Buckfast.

What do you have to do to be famous these days? Sleep with John Birt? No I think that was the old days. Nowadays you just need to draw attention to yourself by appearing on a reality TV show and being obnoxious or camp. Look at that Jade for instance… ok you don’t have to. But she is a case in point. She was just on Big Brother and she talked a lot. She’s not really any different from the millions of obnoxious millies the world over but she’s famous because she was on TV. Apart from that she’s not actually got at anything, nor is she charismatic, or even attractive.

For years to be a celeb you needed talent. There were talent scouts and agencies and experts searching for those special people that could entertain the masses. Then someone realised that you can put any idiot on the TV, let them make an idiot of themselves and the dosh will roll in. So now, sadly, this is all we have. Well thought out shows and concepts are declining in favour of ‘reality’ TV where any half-wit can be on TV so long as they are loud an obnoxious are the flavour of the day. As cheap as hell to make and no real work, scripts etc are needed.

Who needs to bother with art when most people will watch flies eat shit?

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