How-to: Re-encode mp3 on the console keeping id3v2 tags

I dunno.

To elaborate: As many of you will be aware if you’ve been paying attention, I’m currently living in Finland. Due to my geekish nature I’m using a computer that’s 1500+ miles away. Due to BT‘s nature I’m getting a mere fraction of my possible broadband capability. This has meant I’ve been forced to make use of Zina‘s ability to down-sample mp3s on playback. Currently I find I can playback mp3s at 64k 24mhz j-s and still leech torrents of QI, How Clean Is Your House and Torchwood. Problem is, as you may know, lame discards the id3 tags when it re-encodes the files. This isn’t a major problem, but it does annoy the fuck out of me. Especially as lame comes with a perl script called that is supposed to preserve them. I can’t for the life of me figure out why said perl script doesn’t. I’ve run it on the console alone with tagged mp3s and the resulting output file contains no visable tags. Googling for assistance doesn’t come up with any documented issues.

So here is the question: Wha..?

Reward for information leading to a successful prosecution resolution.*

(* probably salmiakki)

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