Helpful… really…

Why is it when I’m really depressed people somehow think it’s helpful to inform of the reasons why I shouldn’t be?

no, i’m well aware that I shouldn’t be depressed and there is great things in the world etc… I just can’t fucking enjoy them and all you’ve done is pointed that fact out to me again.

What’s worse of course is those people who remind you of how much worse everyone else has it and how I should get some perspective.

Get some perspective. Nice one. I’m aware my perspective is skewed. Mental illness does that. That’s why it’s called mental illness.

Sometimes I wish I was a violent psychotic so I could at least get the momentary satisfaction they no doubt derive from beating the crap out of people.

Instead I’m left with no-one to abuse other than myself.

nb: No, I know people are only trying to help in their own way. It just frustrates me so much and is much of the reason why I find it hard to talk to people about any of this.

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