Fatty Fat Fat

There is a guy sitting at the table next to me. He’s severely obese, yet he arrived with a full cream coffee and the sweetest, stickiest, iced pastry they have on offer here.

I hate the whole trend of “skinny = good” (especially here in Finland with it’s legions of bulimic girls trying to kill themselves at the gyms) and think that people should be comfortable with who they are but when someone is that fat… eating that kind of thing… especially in public… It’s like having absolutely no self respect. Or perhaps they have their mind on such higher things that they don’t care about their material form… Can’t see it myself, but you never know.

He barely fits in the chair for god sake. I mean, he’s dressed reasonably well and has his hair done… why doesn’t he care about even trying to lose some of that weight? It’s going to kill him. I’m sure he gets bullied and treated as a joke. I’m sure he has problems getting clothes that fit. I’m sure he gets tired so easily. I do find it hard to believe, having been obese myself in my past, that someone like that can be comfortable with their weight. I was a mess. I was so amazingly self-conscous I wouldn’t eve leave the house.

Maybe that’s the problem. People with that low self-estem often end up comfort eating, and avoiding society because they feel so bad about themselves.

Or maybe… he just doesn’t realise?

I’d love to tell him. I’d love to have said “Really mate, do you really think that’s going to help? It’s not. It’ll feel good for a minute or so after you eat it but then you’ll hate yourself again. i know. I’ve been there. It’s really not worth it. Not even remotely.”

But he’d probably just feel assaulted. The majority of people in the world can’t take criticism. Fat people often just take such advice as an attack on them personally. Well, I know I did.

I can sympathise with people who have problems losing weight if they are actually trying… but weighing about 19 stone and shoving donuts into your face in a school canteen is not even trying.

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