Evidence of Hate-crimes in Northern Ireland

BBC News: MPs to hear of hate crime

A parliamentary committee is to hear evidence of hate crime in Northern Ireland when it meets in Belfast.

In May, a report by the committee found hate crime was a “rapidly growing problem” in the province.

So, let me get this straight; some government body has spent tax-payers money in discovering that some people in Northern Ireland are hateful bigots?

Perhaps if they spend more tax payers money they may find evidence of other things. Like the fact that some of them are drunk, eat chips, and are called Steve… or Phil… and have ugly children. They may also find evidence that some of them are overweight and can’t speak proper. Perhaps if they look even deeper they’ll find evidence that some people in the civil service are just parasites creating unnecessary work for extra pay. And that Gerry Adams is a shift beedy-eyed man with a beard and Ian Paisley is a senile old bigot and both have them have indirectly but possibly knowingly caused the deaths of many people over the past 30 years. Or perhaps that kind of investigation would offend too many people who are otherwise quite happy to offend anyone they like because that’s their right. Oh I feel my own hate rising here. I must be careful incase I offend someone.

I wonder if the person who wrote this article for the BBC did it with a straight face? I’d find it hard to imagine. If this doesn’t show up as a headline on the PDN I’ll be very dissapointed.

I think one of them main problems people in Northern Ireland have is with THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS.

Christ. I need to go and lie down, this has been too much.

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