Dream: I went out cycling to see some friends.

First I went to Pauls to see his Star Wars collection. He was unsatisfied with the available models so made some himself. They were very good but his mother was at home and is a sleazy skank who wanted me to rub her thighs which she claimed were itchy. I did a bit and tried to avoid the sight of her drip-like mammaries that swung out of the side of her loose fag-ash stained tank-top as she squirmed in delight at my rubbing of her thighs. Squelching noises came from between her legs and she rasped heavily like a snake that had just eaten a small monkey that struggled feebly inside it to escape as its last moments of life drained. Eventually I made excuses and left, stopping momentarily at the airport toilet outside their home to chemically clean my hands, the machine only took Isle of Man twenty pence pieces whcih was lucky since that was all I had. I then cycled to Ressurection Records in Camden which I knew a shortcut to from Hilden to meet some friends who I knew wouldn’t be there due to some temporal anomaly whcih meant that they couldn’t exist in the same time-slice as me, and I found really rare Nitzer Ebb singles that no-one new existed. They were only 50p so I hid them under my jumper until I could get to the checkout to make them mine, less some of the Internet-DJs-of-prey that lurk in the shadows would have them from me.

“What swine we are…”

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