Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Just finished Doom3: Resurrection of Evil only seven years after its release, and what a tedious journey it was.

Like its precursor I found I just couldn’t abide the “hell” levels. I would get through the nightmarish and industrial base and then lose complete interest. The problem is that I’m an adventure gamer. I go in for the plot, the exploration and the sense of mental achievement. The doom series are mindless linear shooters. I wish they weren’t. Doom 3 had sparse few moments when you almost got the hint of the illusion of choice, but in the end it was all just a facade. The story was sub 80s direct to video action movie quality with an unimaginative storyline involving demons from Hell invading a dingy martian base. Except to keep it sci-fi these demons from Hell are actually aliens from another dimension, which is what the Hell from human mythology is inspired by. This allows the game to have a loophole whereby a devil can exist in a godless universe.

It brings in inspiration from such sci-fi movies as Aliens, Total-Recall with horror staples like Zombies and demons as well as cyber-zombies and demons… because its sci-fi. The whole thing based in an industrial setting that is extremely poorly lit. To be honest, if the Hell invasion hadn’t killed the population the piss-poor working environment full of rusty gantrys, exposed machinery and labyrinth corridors all lit by solitary low-watt bulbs probably would have.

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