I have made some cue sheets (.cue files) for one-track MP3/OGG/Flac albums in my possession. Gonna share them if people want them. They can be used by most decent media players for separation and seeking through large audio files as well as by CD burning software to separate large audio files into component tracks while burning.

You may wish to edit them slightly. At least you may need to edit the FILE entry to point to your audiofile if it’s named differently. Don’t worry, .cue files are just basic text files with some syntax and a custom extension that can be opened in any standard text editor such as notepad. Most library based players will require the cue-sheet to be named the same as the mp3 file they refer to in order to correctly store the individual track-names, eg. if your mp3 is named ‘Macbeth.mp3’ then your cue-sheet file would have to be named ‘Macbeth.cue’.

More detailed information can be had from https://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Cue_sheet

The majority of these cue-sheets I have made my hand, however the excellent dcue application (Windows/Mac/Linux) can grab track-lists for existing albums from the equally excellent Discogs website and generate a cue-sheet from them.

A good web based resource is cuegenerator.net

https://www.regeert.nl/cuesheet/ is a search engine that finds cue sheets based on freedb and cddb searches.

Right-click on the links below to save

In Death It Ends ‘Live: Pendleshire Polytechnic 1979’

Not a real live album, nor was it recorded at Pendleshire Poly in 1979. Porl King of IDIE doesn’t play live shows, or indeed interact much with other humans at all due to his chronic fear of catching the lurgy off them. However this album was released as a document of a fictionalised set and came with a gig poster, flyer, badge and ticket stub. A limited amount came with a hand-written set-list.

In Death It Ends – Live: Pendleshire Polytechnic 1979 (11/10/2018)

Thomas Dolby ‘Gothic’

The score Thomas made for Ken Russell’s critically panned horror film following a chaotic house party involving Lord Byron & friends. The album was quite rare on CD and merely featured the two sides of the vinyl LP as a pair of long tracks. This cue-sheet breaks those tracks up into the listed movements.

Thomas Dolby – Gothic (13/05/2007)

Front 242 ‘Live at the DNA Lounge, SF’

This is a for the full audio stream of the show that was made available for a limited period on the clubs website. It was approx six hours long and included DJ sets as well as the support acts. The 242 set from the show has since been released via the usual methods but for those that prefer the full set this cuefile should cut the 242 set down into manageable chunks. I’ve tried to set the times as close as possible to the start of the songs.This will only work for the full six hour set and won’t sync up to other versions.

Front 242 – Live at the DNA Lounge, SF (15/11/2005)

Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: final mix)’

An extremely limited release that has only recently got a wide distribution through the latest singles boxed set. Comprised four individual remixes mixed together into one super mega-mix. Originally released on limited one-sided heavy vinyl. This cue-sheet gives each mix it’s own individual start-point.
a) Tim Simenon mixb) Holger Hiller “odd mix”c) “Violinic mix” by Gareth Jones and Mimi Izumi Koboyashi (also featured on the International: Compilation Mute as Enjoy The Silence (extract from The Quad: final mix))d) Adrian Sherwood mix

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: final mix) (23/08/2005)

Throbbing Gristle ‘Journey Through a Body’

This is a cue sheet for TG’s 1981 gruesome soundtrack for the human body. The album was apparently completely improvised over the course of five days. The CD release contains only tracks covering the two sides of the LP. This cue sheet splits the album up into the five individual tracks.

Throbbing Gristle – Journey Through a Body (18/07/2005)

Laibach ‘Macbeth’

More guesswork. This CD was released as one-track. Possibly because the band saw the album as one piece to be ingested as a whole… or just out of laziness. Anyway there are pirate split MP3s floating about on the net but I consider the track-splits to be wrong. For a start the track 10.5.1941 on the album is at the start of side 2 of the LP and is an orchestral number beginning with air-plane sounds. This track also appears on the International: Compilation Mute… er… compilation, so I’m assuming it is correct. In the split pirate mp3s this name is given to the following track. Anyway. I believe my track-names and times on this cue-sheet are a tad more accurate though still not 100%. In fact you are probably better off listening to the CD as a whole as god (or Laibach) intended and pretend you never read this rambling shite.

Laibach Macbeth (22/06/2005)

Space ‘Space’

Side-project by Jimmy Cauty of The KLF/The Orb. Originally intended to be an Orb album, it was released by Jimmy following his departure from the band removing all Alex Patterson’s contributions. Track-times are a guess assisted by the approx track-times on Lazlo’s Discography Machine.

Space – Space (04/04/2005)

Orbital ‘Live at Maida Vale July 2004’

The last ever gig before Orbital split for a decade, this is the version that was taken from the exclusive John Peel show broadcast. Probably the most common source. I got the track-titles from www.loopz.co.uk. They have some nice photos from the cosy set and others as well as some nice words from Phil Hartnol following the tragic and unexpected death of the legendary John Peel a few months later.

Orbital – Live at Maida Vale July 2004 (04/04/2005)

I may add more when I need them. cue-sheets are probably a better way of splitting tracks on live bootleg MP3s etc. without cutting up the MP3 and leaving possible annoying gappage in some media players.

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