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Coca-Cola: Scraping the barrel since 1888.

If there is one cringe-worthy hackneyed colloquialism missing from this embarrassingly patronising localised example of tasteless unnecessary brand awareness from those peddlers of tooth rot juice it’s this:

Don’t make me boke!

I’m bewildered by the fact that I’ve yet to see such line added to any of these posters that have been plastered all over the greater Belfast area since the summer by any of the local populace.

Obviously mocking the branding of Belfast has been higher priority judging by this witty bit of graffiti I’ve spotted on bus shelters and building sites around the town:

Obviously the folk of Belfast aren’t taking this drive to build a possible future city of culture too seriously. Perhaps a local artist should be commissioned to build some sort of installation in the titanic quarter using a lottery or arts council grant?

Michael Stone perhaps..?

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