Scrobbling Vinyl to

  Since AudioScrobbler first arrived on the scene back in the early naughties I’ve been ‘scrobbling’ my listening behaviour to my AudioScrobbler profile for the interests of fellow music aficionados, friends, prospective employers and the NSA. While this was as simple as installing a plugin or ticking a box in my mp3/ogg/whatever player of choice… Continue reading Scrobbling Vinyl to

No sound output from Steam/wine


The last two hours of my life have been spent trying to figure out why I’m not getting any sound out of my Windows Steam games that I’m trying to run via the WINE compatibility layer on my Xubuntu 14.4 install.

Peter’s Top 10 Android Apps

I’ve seen so many of these lists but found myself disagreeing with most of them. As an alternative to pointlessly shouting my objections and disagreements at the screen I’ve decided to be more constructive and post my own.