What was your first car? Answer now and suffer the consequences!

What was your first car? 1.8k responses on the original post. 5.5k responses on the share? Great. Now I know what your first car was. I also know, from your Facebook profile, what your full name is (thanks Facebook and your real name policy) where you live, (if you’ve entered it, which you probably have)… Continue reading What was your first car? Answer now and suffer the consequences!

The Death of the High Street

Today we closed the shop, permanently. We shut the doors early at 16:30 so we could parcel up the remaining stock for shipment to surviving stores. I’m now out of work again, with the more long term staff struggling to get placements within the company.


I love how the modern concept of making friends means adding someone to a list on some poxy website. Last week some stranger was railing at me because I removed him/her from my “friends” list on a popular website. I had confirmed their request to add me a week previously because when they requested my… Continue reading Friendship

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The Rough-Shod Rambler

I do believe that a lot of problems in the world today are caused by people, discontent with the world around them, trying to change the world to suit their own ideals rather than trying to change their ideals to suit the world. A conformist attitude? Only when you think about this in a political… Continue reading The Rough-Shod Rambler