Street Battles 2: The Can Opener

The Keystone Cops

I’ve had this great idea for a film. Picture this; Gollum, from The Hobbit and that, buys up the remainder of the Keystone cops organisation from some auction or something, probably using money he made selling antiques. He then builds the Cops up again using young bullies and the more bitter class of nerds off… Continue reading Street Battles 2: The Can Opener

My Game of the week: QuestLord

Not had one of these for a while. Many of the games I’ve played recently have been somewhat run of the mill. QuestLord by Eric Kinkade came out over a year ago so isn’t particularly new, however it’s a wonderful game that on the surface looks quite basic but had a surprising amount of depth.

Android game of the week: Temple Run

Can be downloaded from the Android Market   If you want a nice relaxing game with no pressure, chillout music and peaceful atmosphere Temple Run is not it. It begins with you being chased by psychotic mutant apes and continues like that. Forever.


The Spotify subscription I took out by accident (dont ask, it possibly involved wine and an empty stomach) last month finishes on the 16th. I’m sorely tempted to continue it. I’ve definately had my moneys worth. I have some misgivings but overall its a great service and points to the future of music distribution.

Top 10 Android Games

I’ve previously made a “Top 10 Android Apps” list, but I thought I’d expand on the gaming side. It can be hard to filter through the wide and growing selection of dross on the Android market to find games to play. If you have low memory Android device, and it’s likely you do, you will… Continue reading Top 10 Android Games

Peter’s Top 10 Android Apps

I’ve seen so many of these lists but found myself disagreeing with most of them. As an alternative to pointlessly shouting my objections and disagreements at the screen I’ve decided to be more constructive and post my own.

The Microsoft X-Box: a belated review

Firstly I should apologise for the lateness of this review of the Microsoft X-Box console. Sadly my Microsoft phobia somewhat delayed my purchasing of their first entry into the console market, as well as my stubborn and probably ill-conceived refusal to purchase their products. I also had no interest in the console whatsoever at the… Continue reading The Microsoft X-Box: a belated review