Landlord update

So here was the situation with the former landlord: He returned our deposit minus €260 rent he claims we still owe him. Pirita has sat down with her bank statements and looked at all the rent she’s paid since we took the place. It’s all there. We owe him nothing. He’s an idiot. He still … Read more


    Whoops. While trying to defrost the ice-box I’ve managed to puncture the circulation system and all the gas has escaped (yes, I was impatient and used a knife…). Just another peice of cack-handling to cap a bad few weeks. The landlord seems understanding and has told me to pinch the fridge from the downstairs … Read more

New Years Resolutions 2008

Be more sociable Quit instinctively eating stuff I’m intolerant to Stop letting negative thoughts have free rein on my psyche Make better use of my time Live more Pay more attention Cut back on the caffeine Study Finnish more Finish that sitcom pilot Organise my writing Do something about my hair Find out what’s causing … Read more

Athlone: up the road a bit from hell?

…possibly. Maybe not, but right now me and Athlone… we ain’t vibin’. Jobs Prior to coming down here I had claimed jobseekers allowance. Ending up on the dole right before a major planned move isn’t a good situation but circumstances were somewhat out of my hands. Since coming down here all job leads have fizzled … Read more

The Ever Circling Skeletal Family

I sometimes have these period of intolerance and unnecessary anger. I think it usually stems from periods of stress. Currently job-hunting myakes me stressful. I’m being picky. Some might say I can’t afford to be picky job-wise. Personally I’m thinking I can’t afford to not be picky. I’ve had too many bad jobs. However I … Read more

Wrong Day

Ughh. I woke up in the wrong world today I think. I’m not sure when I entered it. Perhaps the result of a bad dream. Not a nightmare you understand, just one of those dreams that just don’t…. feel… right… I was living on the ceiling of a caravan. On the inside of the ceiling. … Read more

Cheese etc.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I needed cash for my ritualistic Saturday evening chinese so I popped to Tesco to use their ATM. Usually I would have gone to the local Supervalu but their local ATM has been teprimental of late and it’s a depressing place to go to for nothing. So I’ve found … Read more