I signed up to an account on the server using the federated FOSS microblogging/twitter style service Mastodon a few years ago. I liked the look of it and the idea that it was free and servers could be based around different topics/groups etc, but like many such services I knew no-one on it and as such put it to one side thinking it would probably fade away or become a dull hangout for hardcore nerds and misanthropes.

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What was your first car? Answer now and suffer the consequences!

What was your first car?

1.8k responses on the original post. 5.5k responses on the share?


Now I know what your first car was.

I also know, from your Facebook profile, what your full name is (thanks Facebook and your real name policy) where you live, (if you’ve entered it, which you probably have) who you work for and who your family members are. Some of you even have your phone number listed.

If you are female and married, I probably also know what you maiden name is if you’ve listed your mother as a family member (which you have). I also may know who your favourite bands are and where you were born. What school you went to, what university, what shops you like, what websites you go to.

Scared yet? No?

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Dude, ur forum smells like ass!


One thing I’ve just been reminded of his how incredibly stale Internet forums can become.


I’ve been on the internet since around 1997 and on FidoNET before that since around 1993. I’ve been in a lot of forums based on a lot of different subjects including bands I like, computers and software I use, TV shows I like etc. I’ve made a lot of good friends in those forums and there is nothing better that the community spirit in a good forum…


But it doesn’t last.

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Tux sux, and you know it!

Which is the odd one out? Yeah, that’s right. Regardless of any personal opinion you might have about the companies in question, Apple and Microsoft both have well designed and instantly recognisable logos. Apple’s in particular is a cultural icon. The windows logo is ubiquitous. Tux, on the other hand… Tux is an embarrassment. A … Read more

Music Online

In this modern era there is much talk of making music available online without the shackles of the physical media. However this has posed problems: No money being made. Making money from it… oh yes, that’s all they are interested in these so-called ‘Artists’. Well yes… because for some of them It’s that or back … Read more