Thomas Dolby ‘Gothic’

The score Thomas made for Ken Russell’s critically panned horror film following a chaotic house party involving Lord Byron & friends. The album was quite rare on CD and merely featured the two sides of the vinyl LP as a pair of long tracks. This cue-sheet breaks those tracks up into the listed movements. Thomas … Read more

Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: final mix)’

An extremely limited release that has only recently got a wide distribution through the latest singles boxed set. Comprised four individual remixes mixed together into one super mega-mix. Originally released on limited one-sided heavy vinyl. This cue-sheet gives each mix it’s own individual start-point.a) Tim Simenon mixb) Holger Hiller “odd mix”c) “Violinic mix” by Gareth … Read more

Laibach ‘Macbeth’

More guesswork. This CD was released as one-track. Possibly because the band saw the album as one piece to be ingested as a whole… or just out of laziness. Anyway there are pirate split MP3s floating about on the net but I consider the track-splits to be wrong. For a start the track 10.5.1941 on … Read more

Space ‘Space’

Side-project by Jimmy Cauty of The KLF/The Orb. Originally intended to be an Orb album, it was released by Jimmy following his departure from the band removing all Alex Patterson’s contributions. Track-times are a guess assisted by the approx track-times on Lazlo’s Discography Machine. Space – Space