I’ve written a song. It’s untitled so far, but I’ve put a lot of personal feeling into it. I think it could be a hit on the radio. I just need to get a band together to record it. Or just a sound engineer who’s handy with his thumbs…

Anyway, see what you think.

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Scrobbling Vinyl to Last.fm

Since AudioScrobbler first arrived on the scene back in the early naughties I’ve been ‘scrobbling’ my listening behaviour to my AudioScrobbler profile for the interests of fellow music aficionados, friends, prospective employers and the NSA. While this was as simple as installing a plugin or ticking a box in my mp3/ogg/whatever player of choice I’m also a keen fan of vinyl records. As this is an analogue medium they aren’t easy to scrobble, but not impossible.

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Gone Digitally

It’s come to a point where I feel inconvenienced by an album not getting a digital release. Having to *buy* a CD online and *wait* for it to come to my home, then having to rip the thing… and then find somewhere to keep the case and physical disc, having to put it away somewhere … Read more

Thomas Dolby ‘Gothic’

The score Thomas made for Ken Russell’s critically panned horror film following a chaotic house party involving Lord Byron & friends. The album was quite rare on CD and merely featured the two sides of the vinyl LP as a pair of long tracks. This cue-sheet breaks those tracks up into the listed movements. Thomas … Read more

Taking on Timbaland (updated)

update (24th Jan): Since I posted I’ve discovered the original Finnish demo-scene artist Tempest has responded and claimed he’s been consulting with a law firm since September. His site is at http://www.fairlight.fi/tempest/ and is the only official source for this growing controversy. Ad yes, I don’t need it pointed out to me the irony of … Read more