Neverwinter Nights, daddy of the Graphical MMORPG?

I recently read on the Forgotten Realms Wikipedia page that Neverwinter Nights was the first MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) to use graphics. More Wikipedia inaccuracies surely? Neverwinter Nights was released in the early oughts, by then there were multiple MMORPGs running such as Everquest, Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call etc. Also, Neverwinter Nights, despite being able to host upto almost 100 players on a server (though you kept a fire extinguisher handy), was not technically an MMORPG.

I delved a bit deeper into the Wiki-rabbithole to see how far this amateur historianism went, and uncovered the truth… Yes indeed Neverwinter Nights was the first graphical MMORRPG. Only not the Bioware game we know and love…

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Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps

I recently picked up a Google Cardboard VR headset, because curiosity. Google sell them on their website for $15, but I grabbed an unbranded copy for £2.50 on eBay. Technically, due to the simple nature of the device you can make one yourself but I can’t be bothered with that and if my paper-craft skills are anything to go by, the result would look like something Cthulhu crapped out after eating an Amazon delivery.

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The Microsoft X-Box: a belated review

Firstly I should apologise for the lateness of this review of the Microsoft X-Box console. Sadly my Microsoft phobia somewhat delayed my purchasing of their first entry into the console market, as well as my stubborn and probably ill-conceived refusal to purchase their products. I also had no interest in the console whatsoever at the time, I’m generally not a console person preferring PC gaming, so as you can imagine I have a good excuse for not rushing out and queuing for one on day of release.

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Infocom Goldmine

Milliways: Infocom’s Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Andy Baio got his hands on an old Infocom HD backup and published selections of the findings on his blog over at Specifically the above page about the proposed sequel to their best-selling Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game. It features inside emails discussing … Read more