Angst: Internet Explorer

I’m convinced Steve Ballmer uses Opera.

Picture this. Steve Ballmer sitting at his desk. Fat neck. Ill fitting suit; He’s a bully and his tailor won’t argue with his insistance that he’s got a 38″ chest. He’s drinking a latte and browsing the web with his copy of Opera. He clicks on a link to an important site. It’s internet banking or somesuch… actually it could be anything. A company website – The more major the better, but if it’s some piddly students website listing their favourite band and Star Trek chick he doesn’t care. It’s a website, and quantity is better than quality for his purposes. A script runs on the site. Unsatisfied, the script blocks his access to the site and prints a basic page:

“Sorry. This site requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.”

It helpfully links back to the Internet Explorer page on the Microsoft Website.

Steve leans back in his chair. Big self-satisfied grin on his smug face.

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