Android game of the week: Temple Run

Can be downloaded from the Android Market


Android game of the week: Temple RunIf you want a nice relaxing game with no pressure, chillout music and peaceful atmosphere Temple Run is not it. It begins with you being chased by psychotic mutant apes and continues like that. Forever.


Android game of the week: Temple RunA big hit on the Jesus Phone it arrived on Android this week. At first I felt it paled next to Running Fred but the “moreishness” of this game is astounding. Every time my Guy crashes into a tree, falls into the swamp or is torn apart by the shrieking abominations I just find myself hitting that ‘repeat’ button and giving it another frantic go.

Android game of the week: Temple RunThe object is simple. Similar to Running Fred, yer  man is running for his life being chased by metaphors and you have to help him avoid coming a cropper on the various obstacles placed in his path all while the game speeds up.

Seemingly the game genre of choice has moved on from the tower defense style game to the running game with Canabalt, Running Fred and this being the vogue of the moment. Fred is cuter and funnier not to mention gorier, and Canabalt has its simplistic one-button charm and stylish minimalism, but there is something more addictive about Temple Run. It may be the random nature of the levels meaning you never feel you are running through the same place twice. Sure Canabalt is also random but you still feel a sense of being at the same stage.

Android game of the week: Temple RunAs is becoming the norm, the game is free with micro-payments take for optional bonuses that add to the game but are by no means essential. You can chose extra characters and abilities that make the game easier. These can all be had in exchange for coins picked up in-game but can also be purchased in bulk on the market for real sponds.

Like most games I rave about, this will probably not be touched by this time next week but for now its a bloody good way to waste your time and occupy the mind and hands while the bowels are busy clearing away what remains of breakfast.

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