Allied Entertainment

Yet again, disappointment and frustration is what I feel for this horrible situation that has been created. After toppling the Saddam regime and it’s accompanying TV services the awesome power of the UK/US Coalition have replaced it with this…

Two boring old farts stiltedly boring the poor oppressed Iraqi people to death.

It displays once more how little research they have done. How little they understand this people they are clumsily trying to help. They replace the state television they’ve known all these years wit this crap… no singing, no dancing, no colour, no music. I mean. It was recorded here. this isn’t a primitive country… not in comparison. We have facilities they could’ve used. We have choreographers, songwriters, special effects experts, design studios. My god even with a couple of days notice they could’ve come up with something that would at least approach the iraqi people on their own terms, their own level, something that would at least entertain. Tony has musical experience. He could’ve got Dave Blunkett in to lay down some funky drums… Bush could introduce them to the US tradition of rap. Laying down some rhymes. He and tony could’ve easily put across their rather dull message in song and held audience attention a bit better.

But no… tired old routine. Tony putting across a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party and George Bush addresses his ‘people’ by god… not even a little dancing by either of them.

What kind of message is this…?

I hope they are bringing the Iraqi people quality entertainment. I really don’t think they will be that into The Osbournes, but I don’t hold my breath.

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