Age of Ultron Trailer 2

“Guys, the first Age of Ultron teaser rocked the internet. For the second we need to build on that and blow peoples minds completely. Ideas!”

“How about we break out the big guns? Ultron-centric. All those vehicles being crashed then those Ultron robots crawl out of the wreckage and have sex…”

“No, that’ll blow the whole plot early. We need something that gives nothing away, but shows all the main cast looking anguished and tired. Maybe with some bleak music playing in the background.”

“Like the first one?”

“Yeah, the first one was perfect.”

“How about we just put out that alternative version of the teaser we had that didn’t work? Then we can all go home early and play Arkham Knight?”

“That’s it! That’s perfect. Nobody has done that before. It’ll turn the internet upside down. We can’t lose!”


“Hey, by the way, what’re you guys plans for when this bubble bursts?”

“Dunno. My dad says there is always a job for me at his store…”

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