A Nation of Dog Lovers… my arse!

If you own your own home; fine. Keep a dog there. Love your dog. Have many dogs. Love them. Have them on the furniture. Let them eat the post.

Renting? Forget it. Landlords don’t want dogs leaving hair and smells and scuffing their hard-wood floors. This means if you are a student or temping or… for any reason, not owning your own property. You can forget owning any pet larger than a gerbil. Or you do it in secret with the fear of eviction or losing your deposit.

Beyond the housing situation I’ve noticed this growing antagonism in society towards any non human life form getting in the way of human development. Largely people tolerate animals if their only encounter with them is when they are hot, seasoned and on a dish or in a bun in a wax-paper wrapper. Regardless of the efforts and promotion by animal lovers and animal welfare organisations the human race on the whole seems to be becoming animal intolerant: Animals are awkward, cost money to maintain and get in the way of human civilization. For most people animals can hurry up and become extinct so their habitats can be used for more “civilisation”.

Every year more and more people claim to be allergic to household pets of any kind, a condition I feel is brought on by living in homogenised, sterile environments with no or little exposure to other life-forms… anti-bacterial bubbles. Other people just hate them for their instinctive and uncivilized behaviour… ‘cept cats, who are essentially parasites and traitors to animal kind and probably the next ones that’ll fuck up the planet after mankind has been dissolved by it’s own filth.

Wild animals are largely being cleared out of their natural habitat to make way for “development”. the remainders being herded into zoos and animals reserves in much the same way as nazis herded jews into ghettos in the early 30s. What happens when they find the reserves take up land that could be used to extend car parks and airport runways?

Animal Auschwitz?

Yes, I know that’s a gross exaggeration brought on by anger. Excuse me but I’m not a debating society type who argues for sport. I do tend to have an emotional investment in the things I argue about, but there is a selfish dismissal of animal life amongst mankind. Animals are tolerated so long as they are a benefit in some fashion or don’t get in the way, but human society is EVERYWHERE. It’s rapidly becoming impossible for animals and nature to not get in the way and the attitude towards dealing with this seems to be zero tolerance. Rather than finding a way to co-exist with nature people have largley opted to brush it out of the way.

One day there will be no-where else to brush it to? What happens then? Realisation or absolute destruction? We are animals ourselves, part of nature and we can’t survive without it. The sooner we admit that to ourselves and grow to accept it the better.

BTW… If anyone knows any pet-friendly landlords in Athlone let me know.

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