Seems to be a huge scale international operation by the police to bring to heel some geeks posting on-line clips of TV shows…

So is this why if you are mugged or attacked in your home you can’t get the police to come for two hours because they are helping FACT persecuite geeks?

Sorry to anyone if your copyright is being violated but I think the police have better things to do. I’ve had fireworks and bottles thrown at me by retarded goons, women are being assaulted and killed on the streets at night and what are the cops doing? Interrogating nerds.

Jesus christ get some fucking perspective! If copyright enforcement is so important then set up a special unit for it and leave the cops to deal with day to day things like protecting peoples lives over the hurt pride of some fucking multi-nationals who largely churn out nothing but worthless shite to begin with.

Profit before people, is this an attitude we should really be promoting?

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