A Prayer for Peace

“Please forward this too all your friends on livejournal, myspace etc. The more people we can get to pray then the more likely it is to work. You must believe…” etc. Oh Lord…. He’s had his three score and ten, I think now it’s time to, take Ian Paisley, up into your loving arms. Stroke … Read more

Heads-up: wildwanilla.com

Pirita now has a website that her lovely boyfriend used all his mouse clicking skill to register for her (kudos again to those lovely geeks at BlackCatNetworks.co.uk) It’s not a sexcam site. Still trying to find a Wild Wanilla logo that doesn’t make it look like it is. Currently I’m trying to track down and … Read more

PRAEst76 vs Yahoo?

Apparently, the National Union of Journalists is calling for a boycott of Yahoo. Despite my usual apathy the indifference in the world towards such things is starting to appal me to an extent I find I can no longer tolerate. Problem is: If I quit using Yahoo and al it’s services then I’ll lose access … Read more