How-to: Re-encode mp3 on the console keeping id3v2 tags

I dunno. To elaborate: As many of you will be aware if you’ve been paying attention, I’m currently living in Finland. Due to my geekish nature I’m using a computer that’s 1500+ miles away. Due to BT‘s nature I’m getting a mere fraction of my possible broadband capability. This has meant I’ve been forced to … Read more


On Thursday my medication ran out. I never meant for that to happen, but with a combination of me working a few extra hours and the whole stress surrounding Cliffords funeral I completely forgot to get a reknewal. Now I’m suffering through the weekend from hell.

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Why the hell does organising events, projects and activities with “friends” have to be so much fucking work? At times it seem like I’m trying to arrange 19th century dental surgery for people instead. I’m really getting fairly close to giving up on tryng to motivate people. I’ll just become one of those vague non-commital … Read more