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“It’s a sure thing” – the guy from the Just for Men™ ads

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“It’s gr8.” – The retarded kid that washes my car

How can you get your free spam today? Easy. Just fill in the simple form and free spam will be sent to you almost instantly.

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Gizmondos at comet

Just a quick heads-up for any of you folk that were interested in a Gizmondo. According to some of the regulars on Gizmondo Forums any branch of Comet in the UK (do we even have Comet in NI anymore..?) should be able to still source a Giz with product code 290254. It’s not featured on … Read more

Updating Address book

So it’s that time of year again, people have got new phones and changed home/email addresses and numbers etc. Some have given me the new ones, others have assumed Ill be able to download the information somehow from their minds. Anyway, I’ve also got myself an funky Otaku hacked