Pish Flaps

I’m still offline. Pipex are being arseholes. I’ve got fed up with them and requested my MAC address. Anyone reccomend a UK broadband ISP? I might just got for Black Cat Networks ADSL even though they cost considerably more than I’m paying at the moment I’ll no doubt get better service… or just service full … Read more

Confession Time

I’m not genuine. I’m a cheat. I’ve always been aware of this. Just today has brought it to light. Yes the lovely new Windows Genuine Advantage tool has pointed and wagged it’s finger at me. This is Microsoft putting it’s foot down on all the millions of users running dodgy copies of their ubiquitous Desktop … Read more

Summer costs!

Due to my ongoing financial incapacity I’m struggling with my plans I had for summer: In June I wanted to go camping a bit, perhaps back to Kinnego Bay in Donegal. This still might be doable as other than padzor‘s petrol costs it’s relatively cheap. The lovely dwarfed_plant will visit and I’d like to have … Read more

Kwality Trolling

Priceless, but remember to take it with a pinch of salt. These people want to enrage opinion: Linux: A European threat to our computers. “mutter mutter… communism! mutter mutter… liberals! mutter mutter… foreign jealousy! mutter mutter… alcoholics!“ Of course I’m happy to admit I only use linux because I’m an American hating commie terrorist liberal … Read more