Thanks to my ongoing unemployment and the £100 million investment in proprietary uselessness by Northern Bank Limited that’s made their internet banking inaccessible I’ve been unable to cover my ISP bill this month. Pipex have sent me a nice email on the subject with the request that I pay up within seven days or get … Read more

Won’t somebody *please* think of the children?!?!

Loved that recent response to Thomas Dolby‘s Shed Life blog post. (see 8 April update:The comment has now been severely edited, though the link to the campaign website still remains. Basically the responder was warning Dolby about the dangers of the American Library Association and their plots to push porn on children.) There always has to be someone with an agenda of some kind. I bet he posts that on a lot of artists blogs that he’s a “fan” of as well as to spam anyone else that he thinks might listen. Notice how the “identity” of the poster is the campaigns website. How is that person not on a crusade? Does that belong on a musical artists weblog about his recording and songwriting techniques? That’s hijacking someone else’s airtime to sell your own product. What say Tom will eventually start doing a lot more quality control on his blog responses, or removing the ability to comment altogether?

I felt the need to reply as these people bother me but I didn’t want to swamp Dolby’s blog in crass flames (though that’ll happen eventually, it happens to us all and is a fact of the internet. Dolby is new to blogging. He’s yet to see the true horror. I wonder if he checks his MySpace regularly?).

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Molyneux sells soul to Satan

(or: Peter rants about Steve Ballmer again) Should this bother me as much as it does? Black & White was a terrible game, and when I say terrible I mean it was a fantastic game that was bugged to hell and back and was a deeply frustrating experience to play (There is no worse … Read more

Angst: Internet Explorer

I’m convinced Steve Ballmer uses Opera. Picture this. Steve Ballmer sitting at his desk. Fat neck. Ill fitting suit; He’s a bully and his tailor won’t argue with his insistance that he’s got a 38″ chest. He’s drinking a latte and browsing the web with his copy of Opera. He clicks on a link to … Read more

Angst (formerly Frustrations)

What with being a sensitive child, I tend to get annoyed easily. Especially when I have my seasonal hormonal imbalances brought about by psychosomatic menstrual issues related to unresolved feminine relationship anxieties™… and even though I generally get annoyed by other people’s lists of petty frustrations I feel the burning need to list my own right now. I may update this list periodically if I feel inclined. Or delete it should I become embarrassed by my lack of restraint and shameful displays of petty intolerance:

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