A nation in ruins

Today is a day when the nation as one should stand and look at the floor in collected shame. How did it come to this? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/03/29/blue_peter_badge_suspended/ It brings me back to that day over two decades ago when some future England football players allegedly trashed the Blue Peter Garden and Simon Groom almost wept openly … Read more

Vegetable Matter

Sleep. My elusive foe. Tonight again I hunt thee fruitlessly. By cunning stealth. By brute force. Still you evade me. The old tricks of the trade has thus far failed me but I shall have you in the end my old friend. Oh yes I shall. For though the dice rolls have been unkind, the … Read more


According to Nebulouscity in almost exactly a fortnight from now the event we have all been long awaiting (at least I have) will finally take place: The second series (or season for folks that speak american english) of the rather excellent Nebulous starts. On wednesday 5th april at 11pm on BBC Radio 4. Nebulous, for … Read more

The Remains of the Day

If you are a human being and you open a packet of 8 Ormo scots pancakes (dropped scones) you tend to eat them one at a time, possibly toasted or fried. If you are a cat on the other hand you tend to nibble randomly on each and every pancake in the packet, scatter the … Read more

The work of Mike Coles

Regardless of what your opinion might be of Shriekback‘s music, should you even have one, you have to admit this is a lovely way to present an album: It’s a hand-made cormorant egg with a usb flash drive inside it that contains the album in mp3 plus extras. You only get this sort of thing … Read more

and now the bad news…

PRAEst76’s Nohari Window Be easy on me, or not… whatever the case may be. (Don’t forget about: PRAEst76’s Johari Window) Arena (known to self and others) glum, withdrawn, unhappy Blind Spot (known only to others) timid, insecure, lethargic, embarrassed, panicky, passive Façade (known only to self) cynical, needy, impatient Unknown (known to nobody) incompetent, intolerant, … Read more