Shameless Drunken Geeking

Tom Baker’s Doctor Who and a bottle of red wine make for a very pleasant evening. Thank the good lord for UKnova and the BBC (I’ve sent him a personal letter of thanks, but I think I forgot to put a stamp on it). Also I should point out that Surface is an excellent show … Read more


America has almost won the baseball World Series over 100 years in a row, except for 1952 when they lost it to France, though that was in a poker game. Allegedly President Truman was a terrible gambler and was only stopped from putting the whole country on the table by the threat of impeachment and … Read more

Solving the problem of the “mentally ill”

Recently the government has voiced plans to get the majority of those claiming Incapacity Benefit back to work. Many of these people claim to be suffering from so-called “mental illnesses” that can’t be readily explained or proven by many GPs, employee health advisers, shop stewards or canteen staff. It is largely assumed by all Right … Read more

Sleep now

I wish to slip away A little death Just for a while To have a rest Please watch my body While I’m dead Make sure no animal Steals my head

PC issues n ‘ting

Fixed monitor cables? Who’s bright idea was that? A few weeks back my computer began to lock up occasionally when the bootup reached the login screen. Originally this was just happening on Windows XP (I dual-boot with Ubuntu Linux) but eventually began happening on both setups. This then went from occasionally to 90% of the … Read more