Aww crap….

Sitting here I heard a scratching noise coming from the hall. It was such an alien sound to me, i haven’t heard it in so long it took a while for me to realise what it was. Kitty just used the littertray. Probably for the first time in years. So now the hall stinks of … Read more

Grappling with the truth

My brothers girlfriend is rather into pro wrestling, as is my brother. He recently pointed the following out to me: Of particular interest is the line: “The lawsuit alleges that Ric Flair, wearing only his robe, flashed everyone and forced an attendant to touch his crotch.” I swear I had no idea of this … Read more

Criminal Behaviour

I’ve been told it should be a crime to be depressed at Christmas. I do believe that the person who told me this actually intended for it to be somewhat helpful. Personally I can’t see how. It makes me feel worse. Much much worse. I don’t see how it’s different from telling someone who is … Read more


Does anyone else¹ use Frappr? Feel free to add me to your map if you’ve got one. PRAEst76’s Friends | Add As Friend (¹ Oh and yeah, you pedantic twats, I meant anyone else here reading this and stuff. I’m aware that other people in the world apart from me use this service, so please … Read more

Full House again

My mother has only been living with me again for a few days now and she’s already driving me up the wall. The paranoia has returned; was that really a bottle of Lucozade she was drinking or did it have something else hidden in it? I dunno. I never know. I always suspect her of … Read more

Again again and again

Ok, I’m promise… and this time I mean it… I’m never ever going to do or plan anything ever again. Or at least anything that involves other people, especially other people I need to rely on. It’s a waste of time and only leads to dissapointment. I don’t rank high enough on anyones list of … Read more

Meme #461

I’m always too honest when doing these lame tests, that’s the problem. NPC 18% Combativeness, 20% Sneakiness, 50% Intellect, 47% Spirituality You’re an NPC! (Non-Player Character) Sorry to say this, but you didn’t score high enough in any category to be assigned a class. Simply put: You have no class. But, hey, don’t take it … Read more

Helpful… really…

Why is it when I’m really depressed people somehow think it’s helpful to inform of the reasons why I shouldn’t be? no, i’m well aware that I shouldn’t be depressed and there is great things in the world etc… I just can’t fucking enjoy them and all you’ve done is pointed that fact out to … Read more

Will this never end?!

After months and months or harrasment, encouragement, teasing, tempting and prodding I’ve finally decided to give World of Warcraft a go. A mate has given me one of the ten day guest passes in an attempt to whet my appetitte for the game. Usually I’m not a fan of MMORPGs or online games in general. … Read more