Another Damned Christmas

Providing there are tickets left… are any other folks interested in seeing The Damned at The Empire on 19th Dec? Saw them a few years back in the same place and they are always reliably entertaining. I know has shown interest and as long as I don’t inadvertently get trapped in Belgium I should be … Read more

“I’ve got too much energy to switch off my mind, but not enough to get myself organised…”

I finally found a semi-decent use for my website given a lack of any sign of finished “art” product on the horizon: Blog Aggregation. Thanks to the power of Planet I am now catagoriging and collectivizing the various blogs I read for the amusement / education of others. Of course if you are already reading … Read more


So bearing in mind the average net user has something between 20 and 50 passwords to remember that they use semi-regularly, how many of you actually remember them? Not counting those of you who have one password which you use for everything. It’s advisable for optimum security to have a different random alphanumeric password for … Read more

another sodding meme

Bored and uninspired in my life I’ve been driven to posting another of those tedious memes on my livejournal. Everytime I do this I think I lose a little more integrity… :sigh: Google for “Peter needs” Peter needs to save Dumbledore Peter needs to keep this ad on TV PETER NEEDS AN IMPRESSIVE STOPPAGE Peter … Read more

Cheese etc.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I needed cash for my ritualistic Saturday evening chinese so I popped to Tesco to use their ATM. Usually I would have gone to the local Supervalu but their local ATM has been teprimental of late and it’s a depressing place to go to for nothing. So I’ve found … Read more