Jean-Marc Lederman pointed this out earlier on the Weathermen list. http://funpause.com/fairies/ It’s a rather excellent licenseware Puzzle game he’s just done the audio for. Amazingly relaxing thing it is too. Perfect for a sunday evening. In-game voices and singing on the title track are by Julianne Reagan (All About Eve) and I think between them … Read more

Quote of the night

Cited on Have I Got News For You tonight. I thought it was a nice gem… “He knew who I was, at that time, because I had a reputation as a writer. I knew he was part of the Bush dynasty. But he was nothing, he offered nothing, and he promised nothing. He had no … Read more

The end of an era

To those of you frustrated with my apparent inability to finally kick the caffine compulsion that has left me a gibbering wrecking¹ in the head should be relatively pleased to know that my subconscious took control over the situation yesterday and broke my coffee maker. I’ve decided I will not be buying a new one … Read more


(transcribed because of my crap webcam. Someone please buy me a new scanner.) “RED SAUCE GUSHER SHOCK WEIRDO DIRT MESS HORROR! A young person was SHOCKED, SICKENED, HORRIFIED and DISGUSTED today, when, upon opening a POT SIZZLER they discovered a small sachet of TOMATO SAUCE, lying there, on top of the dried noodles, like some … Read more

Because I’m a big soft shite…

…I found these online. £2.99 for a box of two. I’ve yet to see if they do the trick with those little scurriers currently lurking under my floorboards, but it’s preferable to the horrible feeling I get when I see one of the poor wee bastards cramped and lifeless under a trad. steel trap. That’s … Read more

PRAEst76’s big linux FAQ v0.6c

This is my big linux FAQ. Being somewhat of a linux numpty most of these are issues I’ve had and sorted to some degree. If anyone has helpful improvements to suggest then please don’t hesitate to comment. Well, at least hesitate long enough to make sense…

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