eBay discount coupons

So I got an eBay discount coupon. £5 off P&P. Had to be used before the 2nd September. So I finally has an aution win and i decides to use the coupon. No go. Can’t be used on my paypal account it says. This is a little fustrating, so I go to their community forums … Read more

Vcard call

Since installing Kubuntu on my main (formerly windows) machine (don’t worry, it still dual boots for the sake of Half-Life²) I’ve been trying to update my Kontact databse. It’s been a tedious process of tracking down more recent email addresses and phone numbers from various email sources, online social sites, vague IRC conversations and soggy … Read more

Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: final mix)’

An extremely limited release that has only recently got a wide distribution through the latest singles boxed set. Comprised four individual remixes mixed together into one super mega-mix. Originally released on limited one-sided heavy vinyl. This cue-sheet gives each mix it’s own individual start-point.a) Tim Simenon mixb) Holger Hiller “odd mix”c) “Violinic mix” by Gareth … Read more

I know you

Fuck off, I don’t do memes bitch.

However I did come across this touching peice of prose lately by that master of understated sensitivity, Henry Rollins. It’s old but struck a chord with me and can be seen as a follow-up to my earlier rant(s) about apathy, lonliness, social conditioning, etc, etc…

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In 1960s LA, a phone rings

“Hi there. Shatner Residence. William Shatner is not home right now, but if you’d like…” “Hi Bill, you can stop that. It’s Toni… your agent?” “Oh hi… Toni… Sorry about that, you know how it is…” “Yeah… Hey, listen Bill… we’ve got a problem. It’s about your singing career…” “What’s up?” “We’ve discovered you can’t … Read more


Apathy is a horrible thing. One of the worst things in the world. I used to enjoy blogs and writing and stuff. Nowadays I can’t bring myself to do it and on the few occasions I do I end up deleting what I’ve written. No-one cares. Especially me. There is a fashion amongst teh KiDz, … Read more