Kylies dodgy knocker

Whoop-e-do… Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. Poor her. Women get breast cancer every day. What makes her special? Why should I care? Why should I care? I do, that’s the thing. It’s suprised me. Me so cynical and hateful of media whores like Ms Minogue. I found myself quite shocked and fearful for her. This … Read more

Another Bomb-scare

Just had a call from my mum. She can’t get my brother on the phone. There is yet another bombscare and the town is completely closed-off. He runs a group on Tuesdays. He’s here using the bathroom upstairs. He’s had his phone nicked again. I’ve told him about the bombscare. He might make it down … Read more

Skip to the loo my darling.

“Hello yes… Now before you begin I should point out something that to you is apparently not, though should be, immediately apparent. If you look at the direction I’m heading in as you have stopped to talk to me… look, examine my apparent path. Now take into account my movements and the direction I was … Read more

Annoyance of the day

“Must of been…” “Could of been…” NO, you fucking muppet. It’s “Must have been…” “Should have been…” I’m seeing this error all the time now, like it’s being taught in schools or something. …and it’s not even from people who can say they don’t speak english as their supposed first language. Unless their first language … Read more