If you threw a grenade into the middle of a swarm of midgies would it kill them all? Or would you, as I suspect, still seemingly have the same amount of midgies buzzling around the crater after the smoke clears? I’m just wondering, if I should use one of these grenades or would I be … Read more

The continuing tediousness of support forums wabs

If there is one thing more tedious than people who cluelessy fuck up their software/hardware and then go and ask inane questions looking help on support forums etc without doing even basic google searching or RTFM’ing beforehand… it’s people on said forums who respond to aforementioned inane questions with variations on “Now I do not … Read more

Space ‘Space’

Side-project by Jimmy Cauty of The KLF/The Orb. Originally intended to be an Orb album, it was released by Jimmy following his departure from the band removing all Alex Patterson’s contributions. Track-times are a guess assisted by the approx track-times on Lazlo’s Discography Machine. Space – Space