Another Reality TV rant.

This is a very interesting article by Kurt Harland, formerly of the band Information Society, now an audio engineer for a major games company, documenting the pathetic parasitic lows TV folks go to in order to get some fodder for the hopelessly TV addicted. How is it people are still finding ‘reality TV’ interesting? The … Read more

I’m still getting signups for this “free” SMS service apparently from some friends. Just incase anyone isn’t aware is a scam. They send you “test” messages after you sign up to see if your phone can accept their service. These “test” messages are premium SMS services and you will probably be charged a lot … Read more

Lovefilm corrispondence

Dear LOVEpeoPLE. I signed up for your two weeks free trial on the 8th January. I’m happy with the service so far but received an email from you this morning (15/01/2005 06:40) offering me a reduced rate on my first month for £10 instead of £14.99. It also claimed this expired on 15/01/2005 (-6:40 hours … Read more

Reviewing the reviewer I have to say I never find reviews that give away the entire plot of a movie to be particulary helpful. It’s surprising how often i see the likes on LOVEFiLM, Amazon and Digiguide. I love the way the previews of Friends episodes on DigiGuide have been culled from a episode guide and feature … Read more


This is the first Christmas period in my life where I actually lost weight. 3kg. I’m now below the 70kg mark for the first time since that week I spent my overtime on PC parts rather than food and passed out in the kitchen. Some women I know are starting to become jealous of my … Read more

To that cute litle goth girl I was dancing with the other night: Smile love, it costs nothing. To her young … erm… male friend that i seemed to intimidate the shit out of: Don’t wear your dads clothes, mate. I’m not sure what kinda look you were going for but it didn’t work whatever … Read more