Staff Memo

FAO: All Staff It is with great shock and sorrow that the management of this company faced the events that transpired in Madrid last week. We are sure that we speak for the majority of the staff when we say we are saddened by these events and we trust that in understanding the terrible crisis … Read more

TV show idea #103

Celebrity Paddling A group of C-list celebrities are locked in a house and every day they are beaten across the buttocks with a big wooden paddle until they crack and beg to be let out, wereupon they are forced to run along a 400 meter tunnel from the house to the exit in only their … Read more

Advice on Gingers

q. Dear Praest I am a ginger. Because of this my life is an unconstructed mess. Please help me. how can i make something of myself when i’m ginger. I’m thinking about death a lot. a. It’s PRAEst76 by the way… Being ginger is no real handicap to anyone these days. Many people have been … Read more