My Fat Arse

Ode To My Fat Arse By PRAEst76 (2003) My arse is huge and fat, like an disturbingly swolen cat, who’s abdominal infection, is beyond retraction, and that is the end of that… My arse is mammothly vast, like an ancient remembered past, full of great battles and wars, and people keeping scores, and the building … Read more

Are you there?

Mr Click-Clack followed me home last night. Follows me home every night. Home to my abode where I lock the door, to keep myself safe, from Mr Click-Clack. What does he want this Mr Click-Clack? Why is it that he follows me? Why does he always wait, outside my door? What is his raison detre? … Read more

Freedom or Slavery

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, no matter how many people think it’s a right-wing statement; people don’t deserve freedom. They bang on about their rights to do this, and their rights to do that. They demand it on a daily basis, and when it’s delivered they demand more. And what do … Read more

Elevenses in the Hell House

Here I am. I’m lost again. Silly Me. What must you think? I never seem to find my way. ‘Silly you’ you say. ‘oh well, have some tea’. Try again tomorrow, yes ‘it happens’, you say. Then you see the blood, and broken bones and, ‘Silly you’ you said, ‘you always do such silly things’. … Read more

Solitary Soul

Hello old friend, how are you today? The same I’m guessing, as you were yesterday, and the day before. Is there a limit to what you can take? Every day you are here, doing the same things. Does it not make you crazy? Does it not hurt? Don’t you ever feel alone? That solitary life … Read more


Every day, so much mail I thank you all For your well wishes And the kind offers of those Tiny Teens Sukn Fukn just for me Paris Hilton uncut, Barely legal, and free. And generic viagra; the weekend pill Codine, Tylenol, Ambien too Prescription drugs Straight to my door Premature aging? Not anymore You don’t … Read more

Internet Profile Guy

Put some clothes on. Damn you.Wear a shirt. Or something.What do you think you are?Some kind of exhibitionist?You’ve nothing to exhibit.A gallery without a show.A stall with no produce.A stage with no scenes.Perhaps my opinion is passé,Like modern art I’m missing the point,Here?Are you ironically naked?Should I be looking at what is not,There?


She shuffles along the same path. Vacant expression on her prematurely wrinkled face. Eyes tightened in a mask of mildly assumed pain. Manually opening and closing the doors between the mutual destinations. Taking time to check that they are sealed. The pause before entering. The pause before leaving. Just to be sure. Treading frictionally along … Read more