Modern Male Sexual repression

The problem today, the reason that this amazingly evolved race hasn’t managed to leave behind predatory sexual deviancy, incorporating child molestation is because we are still a VERY sexually restrained society. In my opinion consenting and loving sex between adults is perfectly healthy and… goddammit… good for the soul, body and mind to such a … Read more

Of course they charge

I’d like to talk to you today about a myth that is circulating. The myth that companies don’t charge your credit card until your order is despatched. This is often claimed by companies on their websites yet numerous times I’ve found it untrue. The problem lies in the fact that the people who markup the … Read more

Self-Inflicted Pain

Have you ever watched an animal die? A helpless creature expiring in pain and suffering before your eyes? Wanting to help in some way but being unable to? This is how I felt yesterday. As I watched, for the first time in my life, one of the two pilots for a defunct US version of … Read more