Jumping on the PC Backlash bandwagon.

Because cynicism is so in vogue it’s actually considered lame in society to actually be passionate about anything. So the majority tend to keep their ‘passions’ under wraps or out of the public eye in fear that an army of rather pathetic and material-starved stand up comics will descend on them and make fun of … Read more

Redirect Responsibility

I wanted some benchmarking software for my windows PC. I think it’s running a little sluggishly. Tweakfiles I remembered was a place online that had such software. So i typed www.tweakfiles.com into the address bar. A redirect took me to Gamespot. Gamespot doesn’t have what I want. I’m not sure Gamespot would make anyone looking … Read more

Concept is Property = Property is Concept

Seems that almost all concepts are property now. Every idea has been registered as a trademark at some point. The concept of ‘activity’ notification in instant messaging is registered patent of Microsoft. At any time they could demand payment by anyone else who makes a messenger that detects the user typing or being away from their … Read more