Kazaa whines about copyright theft… no seriously.

[Kazaa pull DMCA over copyright infringement violation] – Seriously. Not a joke. I found this looking for Kazaa Lite on google. All links to the various Kazaa lite (Unnoficial free Kazaa alternative with all the dodgy spyware and ad crap removed) have been deleted from Google. Apparenlty the Kazaa people who have helped to violate … Read more

…in the not too distant future…

BREAKING NEWS: MUSIC POLICE MAKE MAJOR RAID by Our Legal Entertainment Correspondent, Frampton Bulbous-Fish Yesterday the music police confirmed that they had made a major bust on a warehouse outside the city where they found thousands of illegal CDs featuring bootleg artists. Seven people were arrested at the warehouse and another five at a simultaneous … Read more

Another rant about kids today…

What really gets my already overworked and downtrodden goat is uppity little online wankers who’ve had their AOL connection for a year and think that if you don’t type like you have are retarded then “ur a n3w-B”. Reminds me of those old BBS sysop v User stories when the kid had been online for … Read more

The neighbours and their kids

Been trouble between some of the neighbours. Thankfully we aren’t involved but one of the pompous ones from the other side of the street are throwing their weight around, as they do, and threatening to get one of the people on our side of the street kicked out of their house. No idea how that … Read more

RIAA observations

Just read an interesting observation at the BBC on the whole RIAA,suing file sharers debacle. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/3092714.stm] Sony, one of the big five who are behind the RIAA in their crusade against the illegal sharing of mp3s actually make, sell and market mp3 players… what are you suppose to play on them? Yer legal downloads from … Read more

2nd anniversary of september 11th 2001

2nd anniversary of 9/11…. 9/11, everyone knows what you mean when you say that. It’s all that’s required. The day that shook the world. Though in all honesty Omagh hit me harder. I don’t know anyone who died on 9/11, don’t know anyone who lost anyone close to them. I remember spending that Saturday in … Read more