To have a friend in God

Many people have said that to be truely happy you need to have God as a friend. That everything else will leave you feeling empty and unfullfilled. Because of this I have taken a decision. One that may change my life and the lives of others for the better. Yesterday I had a revelation. It … Read more

Nigel Dodds threatened with extinction

[] This is absolutely despicable behaviour by people with no decency or honour or sense of respect or compassion. Fascist scumbags with their own agenda and a dedication to their own sick warped ideals. Trying to brutally kill or injure or scare this poor hard working loyalist man just because he’s not quite as far … Read more

Allied Entertainment Yet again, disappointment and frustration is what I feel for this horrible situation that has been created. After toppling the Saddam regime and it’s accompanying TV services the awesome power of the UK/US Coalition have replaced it with this… Two boring old farts stiltedly boring the poor oppressed Iraqi people to death. It displays … Read more

Ulster Says No Bush Here? This disgusts me. Is this all people here can do? Protest? it’s like the national passtime. You don’t like people marching down your street = protest. You don’t like people protesting your marching down their street = protest. You don’t like the idea that kids from another community are getting an education = protest. … Read more