Date: 11 Jul 2003 15:10:58 GMT
Subject: Are deleted files really deleted? Heres is a sure-fire method of removing that which you want gone FOREVER!!!! fngver, lbh gjng
From: Pontif Ramadan Absinthe Esteban LXXVI
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.erotica.sticky.buns,alt.binaries.erotica.anal.actionfigures,

Are those files really deleted? Is there no chance they could be 
recovered and used against you?!

Has that special software REALLY 'Shredded' those incriminating 

When I say incriminating... well I don't know what kind of files they 
are. I mean, I don't have any kind of secret hacker access to your 
PC, but SOME PEOPLE might... could they find... EVIDENCE on your PC? 
Who knows?!

BUY CAN you TRUST that software to have TRUELY deleted them. Perhaps 
the VENDORS of the SOFTWARE only designed it to MAKE you THINK you 
had safely DELETED them FOREVER and they actually just HID them and 
TROJANED your computer so THEY could GET them from YOU and BLACKMAIL 

THIS is the ONLY sure-fire[tm] method to REALLY delete those files. 
In this kit is everything you need to safeguard your privacy from 
those that would otherwise destroy your life with what they might 

This kit can ONLY be purchased from me. No-one else has this 
technology to REALLY and TRULEY and FINALLY delete those files.

This kit can be purchased here:

For only $79.95 you can be ultimately safe and secure and finally 
relax in the knowledge that THEY can't get to you

only here

        kit includes:

        Can of petrol
        Box of matches
        Full instructions on use


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