10 Crucial Android Tools

A selection of Android apps I personally install straight away when I get a new Android device, or more realistically, have needed to nuke my current one…

Please feel free to suggest any others. I’m always on the lookout for useful new apps.

Barcode Scanner

Whether you see them as an easy way to identify items or the mark of the beast, barcodes are everywhere. Barcode scanner makes itself available to APIs on your device to identify info from barcodes or QR codes.



SSH client. If you ruin a Linux server or desktop this can be a crucial tool for maintenance.


ES File Explorer

One of the best file explorers out there. As well as local file system browsing, it can handle network shares, (s)ftp servers and popular cloud providers.



Network diagnostics and general network tools such as ping, remote service enquiries etc.


Google Authenticator

Can generate choices for Google 2-factor login as well as other provider logins such as Microsoft and Dropbox. Basically any form that choose to use it.


Google Keep

Google drive synced notes application. Not as feature filled as Evernote if you only want a basic synced notes app then this is perfect.


Hacker’s Keyboard

An alternative Android keyboard featuring standard 106 key layout. Primarily for use with the likes of Connectbot or if you need more keys than the standard keyboard supplies.



One of the best password managers available. Minimal yearly subscription for best usage, but it’s highly secure and comes highly recommended by known tinfoil hat security expert Steve Gibson. Lastpass comes with plugins for all the major browsers which can auto-fill usernames and password as well as general form profiles. Latest version for Android will also try to auto-fill logins for apps.



Will apply audio profiles based on location. Great to prevent your phone ringing at work.



Slowly lowers the blue light spectrum on your display based on local sundown time to lessen ocular stimulation in an evening that might prevent restful sleep.


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