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Is this art?

Loyalist Michael Stone’s planned incursion on a crucial meeting of Stormont politicians was “performance art”, his defence lawyer has claimed.

This is a new one! “Performance art”. Jesus fuck. Was his attack on Milltown Cemetery 20 years ago performace art too? Should the media coverage be in the Tate? Is “art” going to be the latest excuse added to the growing list of laughably insulting reasons people have given to justify terrorism intimidation, murder and general antagonism in Northern Ireland?

This is just an example of the pantomime that goes on in NI. It’d be a hilarious reality sitcom if it wasn’t so serious. If it didn’t routinely cost lives. If it wasn’t so fucking depressing. It’s no wonder the young people who aren’t (like myself) leaving it’s shores in droves for jobs, study or love overseas, are killing themselves in record numbers.

It’s being reminded that Northern Ireland contains people degenerate scum like Michael Stone that makes me want to stay in Finland, but then I remember that this nature is present in people all over the world, even amongst the zombie-like career alchoholics in Suomi, it’s just for some reason accepted in NI by the passive majority and if outraged people who don’t agree with it just leave that majority will grow rather than shrink until there is nothing left but scum and cowards. Northern Ireland needs new thinking. People who won’t tolerate the small minded petty inbred casual bigotry that’s been let grow unchecked for years. Good people need to be stand up and be counted, otherwise no-one will ever know they exist.

“His only crime was loyalty”

…oh, and he murdered a lot of people too.

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Evidence of Hate-crimes in Northern Ireland

BBC News: MPs to hear of hate crime

A parliamentary committee is to hear evidence of hate crime in Northern Ireland when it meets in Belfast.

In May, a report by the committee found hate crime was a “rapidly growing problem” in the province.

So, let me get this straight; some government body has spent tax-payers money in discovering that some people in Northern Ireland are hateful bigots?

Perhaps if they spend more tax payers money they may find evidence of other things. Like the fact that some of them are drunk, eat chips, and are called Steve… or Phil… and have ugly children. They may also find evidence that some of them are overweight and can’t speak proper. Perhaps if they look even deeper they’ll find evidence that some people in the civil service are just parasites creating unnecessary work for extra pay. And that Gerry Adams is a shift beedy-eyed man with a beard and Ian Paisley is a senile old bigot and both have them have indirectly but possibly knowingly caused the deaths of many people over the past 30 years. Or perhaps that kind of investigation would offend too many people who are otherwise quite happy to offend anyone they like because that’s their right. Oh I feel my own hate rising here. I must be careful incase I offend someone.

I wonder if the person who wrote this article for the BBC did it with a straight face? I’d find it hard to imagine. If this doesn’t show up as a headline on the PDN I’ll be very dissapointed.

I think one of them main problems people in Northern Ireland have is with THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS.

Christ. I need to go and lie down, this has been too much.

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Tony & George: This Fellow Came Up To Me

George: Hey Tony, how’s it going?

Tony: Terrible… You know I was in Brussels for that interim meeting on the
fisheries commission? Well this fellow came up to me, and do you know what he said to me George?

George: What did he say Tony?

Tony: He said ‘you stupid cunt’!

George: He called you a cunt, Tony?!

Tony: He called me a stupid cunt, George.

George: Damn! What did you say?

Tony: What else… I mean… What else could I say George? I
called him a stupid cunt.

George: Damn. I woulda done the same thing. What’d he say then?

Tony: He called me a STUPID cunt.

George: God damn! The audacity…

Tony: Yeah yeah… He left me with no choice George. I had to
emphasize his status as a stupid cunt.

George: Did he reciprocate?

Tony: He did.

George: Damn… That sounds like one hell of a situation. How did you
handle it from there?

Tony: He forced my hand George.

George: You hit him?

Tony: No I called him a stupid cunt.

George: Yeah?

Tony: …then I hit him.

George: Damn. How did he respond to that?

Tony: He said ‘Ohhh’.

George: goddammit. That’s one messy situation. I’d a hit him again.

Tony: I did. I did. Twice. He said ‘Aggghhh…’ then fell on the ground in a
crumpled heap.

George: Lousy commie… I’da hit him just for that. Lying down too..
goddammit… That’s just plain disrespectful!

Tony: I did hit him again… but he wouldn’t quit. I felt… Honestly George
I felt like crying. But I’m the presi… I mean… I’m the prime minister of England…

George: …and Ireland.

Tony: No, I’m not prime-minister of Ireland.

George: But there are other countries in the deal right?

Tony: Yeah, erm… Scotland and Wales and the north of Ireland. But that’s
just a ceremonial thing, it’s not a real position.

George: Oh yeah… Like uh… like getting ordained through the mail?

Tony: Yeah kind of… but like I was saying… I’m representing the whole country in this
situation. I couldn’t let them down, George. I couldn’t.

George: Not in the face of this kind of opposition. I mean. The guy just
wouldn’t back down from the sounds of things.

Tony: He wouldn’t. He just wouldn’t quit George…. and you
know what he said then… after I kicked him in the chest?

George: What’d he say Tony?

Tony: ‘Gggahhh… stop… pleaseeee’

George: goddammit Tony… y’see this is why we have the death penalty. You
shouldn’t have to take that kinda abuse from anyone!

Tony: I shouldn’t have to take that kind of abuse from anyone!

George: No! You shouldn’t have to take that kinda abuse…

Tony: No… I don’t care if he is the president of France.

After ‘Derek & Clive: This Bloke Came Up To Me’ by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.

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Consolidated Terrorism Inc.

[BBC News: Jakarta Blast’s likely suspects]

Do you remember when terrorist attacks weren’t linked to Al-Queda? Those were the days eh? Independant terrorism. With no links with other terrorist factions other than to trade weapons and stratagem. I blame capitalism. all the small terrorist groups are being bought up by the bigger groups. Soon we’ll have no choice. Nothing but huge multinational terrorist groups. It’ll be like [Cobra] in G.I.Joe with super-gangsters equipped with these amazing sc-fi weapons lead by characters with vary abilities and costumes who will stand with their hands on their hips and laugh heartily in tight trousers when a planned assault goes off.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the conspiracy theory? that behind all this terrorism these days is the likes of Hasbro, who are taking control of all the minor terrorist factions to build a super-terror-faction with no other goal that to promote the sale of [action figures]?

Maybe that’s it?

Or maybe it’s just lots of governments saying their local terrorist groups are linked to Al-Queda in order to jump on the War On Terror bandwagon and get strong-arm assistance from the USA?

Strange how with all these eastern European and Asian terrorist groups getting linked to Osama and Saddam and any other high powered individual in the middle east that they don’t like that no-one is linking the still [active] IRA to middle Eastern terrorism despite all the [PLO] graffiti (they don’t pay enough attention know know about Hamas or Islamic Jihad) intermingled with [IRA] graffiti and the Palestinian flags flying along with Irish tricolours in hardline republican areas all over Ireland.

So how come with the US Marines having tore their way through Afghanistan, romping over Iraq cleaning out the terrorists, using pressure tactics against Iran, Syria & Saudia Arabia, floating halfheartedly outside Liberia, the US government invite convicted and unrepentant terrorist leaders in Ireland to tea and help them get jobs in government?

Is it the US revenge machine is taking it country by country and will get around to Ireland before or after they sort out the Basques? Or is it only terrorists that threaten US citizens or interests? I’m not sure, have the Spanish Basque seperatist terroritst or the Irish republican terrorists ever killed any US citizens or US interests? Well not the Irish terrorists probably, otherwise why would US business have [given them so much money for years] through NorAid..

No, the US revenge machine only wants revenge on those that attack the US. That may explain why they are so seemingly disinterested in Liberia.

So maybe they should rename the ‘War On Terror’ to ‘The War on Islamic Terror’? Rather than trying to imply to the rest of the world that they care even remotely about terrorism from any other group. And they only seem interested in Islamic terrorists who attack the US or US interests in other countries. they don’t seem interested in terrorism in any other country. Bushes speeches to the US people only talk about defending American interests. So any talk of preventing terrorism in other countries is nothing but lies. Despite encouraging help and assistance from other countries who foolishly assumed that they might return the favour in kind, that all terrorism would be stamped out rather than just those that threatened American Interests. Did any of these countries read the [mission statement for the PNAC]? Probably not. Probably aren’t on the internet. I fear with most countries the governments still use spies and intelligence gathering agencies etc to do snooping for information rather than just using [Google] like normal folk. If they’d used Google they’d find out that the PNAC [junta] are only interested in promoting US leadership abroad and leading the American people to be the rulers of the world ([]). Many of these governments will no doubt be fingered as cruel and abusive dictators to be overthrown if they don’t toe the line. It’s very much a fact that this current US administration isn’t interested in defending other countries from terrorism, other than making the off condemnation or making some slender gesture of solidarity in order to be seen to be helping in some way and thus placate their ‘allies’. The US [War On Terror] is about smiting those that the US have offended to the point of extremism and removing obsticles to commerical exploitation of the middle east. Especially the areas bordering the state of Israel which is probably the US’s biggest ally outside their own borders… though they tell most countries that, like the UK (Of course I love you baby, those others mean nothing to me, nothing, it’s just pillow talk, that’s all it was with them, honest.)

What a fucking mess.

And they say it’s not another crusade…

[Mid-East Realities?]

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Nigel Dodds threatened with extinction


This is absolutely despicable behaviour by people with no decency or honour or sense of respect or compassion. Fascist scumbags with their own agenda and a dedication to their own sick warped ideals. Trying to brutally kill or injure or scare this poor hard working loyalist man just because he’s not quite as far up the evolutionary ladder as the rest of us. This doesn’t make him any less of a man, nor should it cause such offense in these modern enlightened times as to require explosives to be used and he has as much right to live, and work, and talk bollocks, and be as contrary and foam and slabber and dribble from his distended oversized manible as anyone else in Belfast, and in particulaly those of us who can walk comfortably on only two hind legs. If anything his only crime is striking innocent bystanders while flailing his elongated limbs in a firey Sinn Fein/IRA -Pan-Nationalist-Front induced rage and maybe on those days he should be kept tranquillized, but never ever blown up.

Just think of all the money that would be demanded from the home office by his relatives in the event of his destruction in order to train a new one? That’s tax payers money, folks. Something to think about.

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Allied Entertainment

Yet again, disappointment and frustration is what I feel for this horrible situation that has been created. After toppling the Saddam regime and it’s accompanying TV services the awesome power of the UK/US Coalition have replaced it with this…

Two boring old farts stiltedly boring the poor oppressed Iraqi people to death.

It displays once more how little research they have done. How little they understand this people they are clumsily trying to help. They replace the state television they’ve known all these years wit this crap… no singing, no dancing, no colour, no music. I mean. It was recorded here. this isn’t a primitive country… not in comparison. We have facilities they could’ve used. We have choreographers, songwriters, special effects experts, design studios. My god even with a couple of days notice they could’ve come up with something that would at least approach the iraqi people on their own terms, their own level, something that would at least entertain. Tony has musical experience. He could’ve got Dave Blunkett in to lay down some funky drums… Bush could introduce them to the US tradition of rap. Laying down some rhymes. He and tony could’ve easily put across their rather dull message in song and held audience attention a bit better.

But no… tired old routine. Tony putting across a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party and George Bush addresses his ‘people’ by god… not even a little dancing by either of them.

What kind of message is this…?

I hope they are bringing the Iraqi people quality entertainment. I really don’t think they will be that into The Osbournes, but I don’t hold my breath.

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Ulster Says No Bush Here?

This disgusts me. Is this all people here can do? Protest? it’s like the national passtime. You don’t like people marching down your street = protest. You don’t like people protesting your marching down their street = protest. You don’t like the idea that kids from another community are getting an education = protest. You don’t like the new police uniforms = protest. They’re knocking down a squat Seamus Heaney live in for five minutes as a teenager = protest. They don’t have enough of the latest mass produced toy to sate your kids appetite at Christmas = protest. You don’t like the Us president = protest.

You know what? In the end this isn’t about getting your point across… this is about your ego. About what you and your cronies can manage to do.. stop traffic, piss people off… piss off anyone but not get the point across. Just succeed in making yourself look like a bully. Sadly these kind of protests leave a sour taste in the mouth here. Lately (as I wrote about earlier) people were protesting about handicapped iraqi children staying in their town. It’s always the same type of person. Pompus self-rightous ignornat and usually unemployed people who just enjoy the feeling that they can push folks over.

I think now is the time to prove that we aren’t all like that here. that we can think for ourself. Be free, be just, be intelliegent.

George Doubyas administration has been protested in this fashion all over the globe. People stopping traffic. People spelling out words with naked bodies. People protesting by shoplifting and pretending to be dead. We now have a chance on this visit by the president of the US to show we aren’t all like this. that we aren’t all fixated on the tired old idea of getting what we want by bullying. We can show George W bush how much poeple in the north of Ireland respect and admire him with gifts.

I ask all of those out there who belive as I do to follow me in going out and purchasing for George Bush a large box or bag of Pretzels and sending them to your local MP to be given to the President on your behalf. At least David Trimble MP & Gerry Adams MP will be meeting the President so this is both sides of the community covered to some length.

go now today… buy as many pretzels as you can afford as as you feel symbolises your feeling for George W Bush and his administration and send them to your local MP or David Trimble or Gerry Adams via the [UUP] or [Sinn Fein] respectively or just send them to the [Northern Ireland office] to be given to the Prime Minister tony Blair who can present them to George Bush at Hillsborough Castle on Monday on your behalf… or take them along yourself. The more Pretzels on show on Monday the better, and it’ll be a antidote to all those depressing eople pretending to be dead. this country is depressing enough. Let’s show some love…

Let’s show the world that the people of Northern Ireland have a heart…

Hillsborough Castle,
County Down,
Northern Ireland

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Larne does it’s bit against the struggle in Iraq

Congratulations to the brave people of Larne who have managed to help prevent a Iraqi invasion of their little town. Albeit by handicapped children. But it’s great to see the folks of Larne standing by the old Loyalist tradition of standing firm and decided against opposition regardless of the cause or need for intelligence. The brave people of larne stood proud against the onslight of the Iraqi ‘special’ unit and sent their kids out to vandalise signs in the area to support their brave lads fighting in Iraq…

…for Saddam I’m guessing… they didn’t make that clear.

Larnes devotion to his cause will no doubt bring a tear to the eye of whatever underling he has assigned to the business of crying on his behalf. And he’ll sleep better at night’s knowing that when he can’t oppress his citizens the people of Larne will.