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Scrobbling Vinyl to


imageSince AudioScrobbler first arrived on the scene back in the early naughties I’ve been ‘scrobbling’ my listening behaviour to my AudioScrobbler profile for the interests of fellow music aficionados, friends, prospective employers and the NSA. While this was as simple as installing a plugin or ticking a box in my mp3/ogg/whatever player of choice I’m also a keen fan of vinyl records. As this is an analogue medium they aren’t easy to scrobble, but not impossible.

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Gone Digitally

It’s come to a point where I feel inconvenienced by an album not getting a digital release. Having to *buy* a CD online and *wait* for it to come to my home, then having to rip the thing… and then find somewhere to keep the case and physical disc, having to put it away
somewhere and worry about it being knocked over by the cat and eaten by the dog. Or stolen by burglars. To worry about it and it’s equally awkward brethren being packaged up somehow for one of my frequent house-moves.

 Why bother with all that when I can pay a lesser amount and get a digital copy almost instantly that I can keep on my computer and/or a server, that I can copy to my digital players or my phone and play *straight* *away*.

 There was a time when I valued the physical art, the sleeve, insert, booklet, whathaveyou… I loved that stuff. I loved the inventiveness that often came with the physical product. Such inventiveness is hard to come by these days. With labels cutting costs and printing CDs to a
cheaply arranged standard. You rarely come across interesting design outside small indie artists often releasing stuff at a loss out of their own home studio.

 There is a still a vinyl scene releasing custom discs and convoluted release mechanisms, but my lifestyle doesn’t really allow me the time or space for such hobbyist appreciation.

 So here I am. This week I’ve bought three releases by groups I like and didn’t even consider a physical copy. Didn’t even look. Just grabbed the mp3s and ran.

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Where we leave art for tart

I just posted this massively off-topic rant on a mailing list I’m on. It’s a variation on something I’ve been banging on about for ages; the deification of celebrity. I doubt it’ll be the last time you hear from me on this topic.

I considered since it was a largley off-topic ramble that I should repost it elsewhere as people in the original mailing list will probably just sigh and skip to the next post.

On 26/03/2008, xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> i recall the amount of new recording labels erupting at the time,
> releasing 12″ with moronic music and a “hot” girl doing “vocals”.
> Anyone with a girl that wasn’t too afraid to come on a microphone had
> a record out then.

Hasn’t it always been like that? Someone does something
interesting/novelty and makes a few quid, suddenly everyone is onto it
and a craze starts. If there was anything artistic in what started it,
it’s trampled underfoot in the rush for quick profits.

Everyone wants to be a star, you see all these kids in schools now
who’s main goal in life is to be a star, and they get convinced of it
because “people just like them” “made it”.

Most of them have no real talent, at least in the area they are
heading in. I watched a TV show last week with this local girl in it
who was going to be a huge famous singer. She kinda looked cute which
was the only reason, I think, that the two bit record producer took
her on board I feel. She sings, therefore she has talent… seems to
be the belief. She might be shocked to find that a lot of her
school-friends could sing as well as she can with a bit of coaching.
It’s just that singing is no longer a passtime for most people. It’s
seen as the reserve of “pop stars” and wannabees, rather than an
ancient form of expression that is open to all.

This girl won’t make it because she’s not an exceptional singer. The
market for teen hotties who can sing is stale and I can’t see there
being room for anyone new until she’s too old to be accepted. She’ll
fail, and she’ll have put al her hopes in this and will see herself as
a failure for the rest of her life because of it. Any taken she had in
any other field will likely be overlooked.

I’m off topic now, but this is something that really bothers me. I
think the internet and the craze of these fucking Pop Idols-type
programs have given a lot of kids false hopes and wrong directions in
life which will leads to lots of young people with no hope and
shattered dreams and a worse future for all of us.

Why would a young person struggle to be a “normal” person, in a
“normal” job like shoe sales, plumbing, design, PC maintenence, car
repair etc etc… when there is a chance you could be a star?

For many being a star is all that matters in life, anything else is
deemed as a second rate life.

Here the road to the downfall of humanity begins, or at least turns
from a meandering lane into a highway.

I know that most of them time I’d rather have a good plumber than
another Britney Spears.

Because at the end of the day stars are of no practical use, they just
sit in the sky looking pretty and distract us from the real issues on
the ground.

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Is this art?

Loyalist Michael Stone’s planned incursion on a crucial meeting of Stormont politicians was “performance art”, his defence lawyer has claimed.

This is a new one! “Performance art”. Jesus fuck. Was his attack on Milltown Cemetery 20 years ago performace art too? Should the media coverage be in the Tate? Is “art” going to be the latest excuse added to the growing list of laughably insulting reasons people have given to justify terrorism intimidation, murder and general antagonism in Northern Ireland?

This is just an example of the pantomime that goes on in NI. It’d be a hilarious reality sitcom if it wasn’t so serious. If it didn’t routinely cost lives. If it wasn’t so fucking depressing. It’s no wonder the young people who aren’t (like myself) leaving it’s shores in droves for jobs, study or love overseas, are killing themselves in record numbers.

It’s being reminded that Northern Ireland contains people degenerate scum like Michael Stone that makes me want to stay in Finland, but then I remember that this nature is present in people all over the world, even amongst the zombie-like career alchoholics in Suomi, it’s just for some reason accepted in NI by the passive majority and if outraged people who don’t agree with it just leave that majority will grow rather than shrink until there is nothing left but scum and cowards. Northern Ireland needs new thinking. People who won’t tolerate the small minded petty inbred casual bigotry that’s been let grow unchecked for years. Good people need to be stand up and be counted, otherwise no-one will ever know they exist.

“His only crime was loyalty”

…oh, and he murdered a lot of people too.

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Meme #472

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.”

Poached from .

I’m doing eight to be awkward and I’m not tagging anyone because I don’t want to put any pressure on people to do anything. I’m a rock n roll rebel. I make up for it by making it stream. This is not a podcast™. That would be too trendy.

    1. Box – In My Dreams

Found while searching the links from Parry:Matthews page. Interesting stuff, but this song got me at a vulnerable moment.

    1. Parry:Matthews – Against The Wall

Anna Parry is lovilicious. Reminds me of Curve for some reason despite the obvious difference. A nice band to discover at a time when I’m emotionally open to this sort of thing.

    1. !!* – Grinding Space


    1. Brendan Perry – Medusa

Old bald guy from Dead Can dance. Always loved his voice but only recently sourced a copy of his solo album from a few years back.

    1. Bjørn Lynne – Solnatt

The latest piece from the Amiga music scene legend.

    1. Die Krupps – Risk (Operatic Intro / 12″ version)

Was originally only going to feature the operatic intro from the “Enter the Arena” album but thought I’d add the version that features the full club mix for the sake of livening up a fairly low-key set with some grade-a 80s alt-disco cheese. Love those SM whips, reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Master & Servant. DMSM4DK!!!

    1. Skaven – Samurai Ghost

Found Skaven on Nectarine a few years back and have been keeping up with his stuff. This came up a few times recenlty and is the sort of thing that seems to reach me at the moment, takes me to those few places that I want to go to.

and bubbling under, literally…

    1. Nurse With Wound – Salt Marie Celeste

An hour onboard a ghost-ship with only your own haunting spirits (and some of Steve Stapletons presumably) for company. I’ve been listening to it in the bath. I’m not sure what that says for my mental state. I’m not sure what listening to Nurse with Wound at all says for my mental state. I left it out of the stream for the sake of decency… and space …and because no-one is going to want to listen to a low-fi 60 minute stream of creaking boards.

Will they?

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Special Offer

Press Release Relief

The Officially Unnofficial THROBBING GRISTLE DVD
(recording session paperdoll stick puppet recreation)

Following serious email interest from a couple of people since my post on the grief list on the subject I should elaborate on my TGDVD recording session stick-puppet theatre video offer:

This video will feature the FULL TGDVD session as it appears on the bootleg mp3s I downloaded and the full concert film played out imaginitively by myself using handmade paper-dollies of the band mounted on lolly-pop sticks, augmented by choice FX from some old BBC Radiophonic Workshop LPs. This will be filmed in traditional SVHS handicam format lovingly distorted by bad focus and over-caffinated operation. The video itself will come specially wrapped in black dyed surgical stocking with the TG logo hand-drawn on it in red crayon, this will be contained in an old seventies style ladies shopping bag bought in the local branch of WarOnWant (the style of the individual bags may differ according to supply) along with a certificate of ownership and five glossy printed cards showing screenshots of random websites about riverside wildlife. Each package will be individually numbered from 1 to… whatever number it goes up to.

Each set will be hand-crafted to order and may contain individual quirks that will add unique charm to this special piece of historical importance.

I’m offering this video free of charge to all of those who wanted to see TG over the past year but couldn’t because they wanted to wait to see if anyone else they knew was going or for their tax rebate to come through. There will be a modest administration/handling charge of £400 payable in used notes in a brown paper bag left in the back-seat of an abandoned Ford Fiesta beside the line coming into Norwich train station. Please remember to leave your address and phone number along with the names of your children and what school they go to.

This is a once in a lifetime offer (unless it comes up again later).

Look out for my forthcoming Genesis P-Orridge paperdoll. Recreate Genesis P-Orridge in the comfort of your own home (or somebody elses). The first in my Put Some Bloody Clothes On! series of paperdolls for shameless exhibitionists with poor taste.

This notice is intended for satirical purposes only and is not to be taken anyway other than lightly.